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Let us help you choose the memorial for you and your family.

Choosing a memorial is a way to leave an everlasting tribute to a life lived. Choosing the right memorial to honor your loved one may seem difficult and complex. At Greenwood Funeral Home we have helped families choose the right memorial for their loved ones since 1953.

Many families find comfort in selecting their memorial prior to death. This not only allows them to personalize their own memorial but relieves their loved ones from the stress of making additional decisions at an already difficult time.

All of our memorials are personally designed, arranged, and installed by our staff, including the foundation. At Greenwood Funeral Home, we strive to achieve the greatest value for our families without compromising our commitment to service and quality.

Greenwood Funeral Home is an independent family owned funeral home dedicated to providing dignified care for the residents of Cherokee county since 1953.
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